The whistleblower function is for raising issues that are contrary to current legislation or other irregularities. It can, for example, be about various types of violations, discrimination, harassment, corruption, research fraud or reprisals.

The feature should not be used to report minor offences, general dissatisfaction or complaints.

Raise the alarm here on the web, call or write a letter

By providing information, you give us an opportunity to prevent and correct if something has gone wrong.

In the event of irregularities, our whistleblower service should primarily be used. This service is provided by an external party, VismaDraftit. The service is completely disconnected from Swerim's IT system and web services. VismaDraftit does not save IP addresses or other data that can be linked to the whistleblower. It is therefore not possible to trace an anonymous whistleblower. All reports are strongly encrypted and can only be decrypted by designated individuals. VismaDraftit cannot decrypt and read reports.

Form: You reach the form for reporting via https://whistleblow.vismadraftit.se/swerimab. The tool offers the possibility to provide information anonymously. Answers received are received in the tool and then investigated internally by specially appointed persons.

Call: If you prefer to report verbally, you can call our whistleblowing answering machine: +46 (0)20-30 30 90.

Letter: It is also possible to report anonymously, via letter. Use this address:

Swerim AB
Box 812
971 25 Luleå