Energy and Environment

We believe that sustainable development, social responsibility and a good working environment are positive driving forces behind industrial innovation and renewal. Therefore, we work with everything from environmental impact assessment to the development of sustainable materials, products and production techniques.

The market places high demands on eco-friendly and energy-efficient products. We provide the knowledge needed for identifying improvement areas in all industrial fields with regard to materials and products, and across the entire value chain.

We work with consulting, training, research projects and strategic skills networks. All to assist you in developing sustainable business opportunities.

Examples of our knowledge areas

  • Energy
  • Energy inventories
  • Energy efficiency
  • Legislation
  • Environmental conditions
  • Support for self-monitoring
  • Advice on the chemical directive REACH and the environmental code
  • Residual products
  • Waste classification
  • Studies on recycling potential
  • Recycling solutions
  • Products and production
  • Material and chemical analyses
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Corrosion studies
  • Developing sustainable and eco-friendly materials and products
  • Improved and cleaner production techniques

Sustainable work environment

But it is not only about technology, human beings are perhaps the most important factor. We have a serious approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and offer services to assist your company in this. In addition, we have experience in work environment issues in the industry.

Sustainable business

Sustainable business is necessary in order to withstand competition. Can we help your company?

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