Circular economy

The basis of a circular economy is to be able to utilize raw material and resources instead of discarding them after use. Swerim offers competence and expertise in the area and can create a custom-made circular model to suit your company and product. 

A circular economy – what is that?

A circular economy is a way of thinking where the main idea is to utilize raw material and resources in circular systems, also known as circular models. It can be about expanding the life of a product, by repairing or renovating in a technical way. A circular economy also means to find business opportunities for existing and new companies to work with circularity, e.g. by taking back, renovating and selling the product or parts of the product again. It can also be about taking materials and/or components and using them again, or about recycling material. 

Start working with circular economy

Do you and your company want to start working with circular economy? Swerim can assist you with creating circular models yourselves, which suit your company and product. We can also help you measure the quality and economy of what you get returned.  

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