Swerim studies, develops and verifies new research findings in joining, and translates them into industrial applications. The aim of our operations within joining is to improve competitive advantage in Swedish industry with new or improved technologies that contribute to the development of sustainable production with higher productivity and quality.

Swerim has the expertise and resources for managing everything from dimensioning, computation and design to process selection, optimiation, material behaviour and final properties of joints, such as mechanical strength, corrosion and geometry assurance, as well as non-destructive testing, quality assurance and failure analysis.

Conventional and customised joining technologies

One of Swerim's strengths is our knowledge of conventional joining technologies such as MIG/MAG, electric resistance welding, laser welding, mechanical joining technologies and adhesive bonding. In addition, Swerim works with customisation, optimisation and verification of joining technologies and processes for lightweight components and innovative welds, bonds and fixtures.

Joining for improved properties and productivity

Among other topics, research projects in the field of joining address new process types and materials, and the impact of different parameters and how they can be optimised for improved quality, improved finished-product properties and increased productivity. This often results in reduced need for post-treatments such as grinding, polishing, passivating and pickling, less need for repairs, and fewer rejects and shorter cycle times.

Collaborations in joining technology

Swerim collaborates closely with Swedish industry, through various organisations such as the Swedish Welding Commission, Jernkontoret (the Swedish Steel Producers' Association), the The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association (FKG) and LIGHTer, as well as universities. This results in many national and international projects that involve both technology development and training and education programmes.

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