Process Metallurgy

Process metallurgy is all about the way metals are made – and associated fields.We offer research and development within the entire metallurgical process chain, from raw materials to finished metal.

Raw materials can be primary or recycled – the same laws control both processes. Our jobs deal with everything from troubleshooting to developing and implementing new or amended processes or improving current ones.

Holistic view

We focus both on the detail and the entirety, ensuring that environmental issues and process integration are given their allotted place, i.e. that the solution fits the customer's infrastructure. Resource efficiency is becoming an increasingly important parameter for the industry and one in which we have a great deal of experience and a successful track record as regards industrial solutions that produce results.

Enhance your competitive edge 

Our international collaborations provide us with a thorough understanding of what is required to achieve international competitiveness, and we have several internationally recognised experts.

With us, you can not only develop processes but also test them. At our facilities, we conduct both small and large pilot trials. Among other things, we perform thermal analyses, solidification studies, and Gleeble tests. Here you can read more about our facilities:

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