Rolling and forging

Our research within rolling and forging supports the Swedish steel industry by meeting the need for leading-edge expertise and long-term knowledge creation, from an international perspective,  helping the industry to reach greater competitive advantage.

We can help you with both the application and development of experimental methods, simulation tools and theoretical knowledge concerning the link between processes and product characteristics. An important part of this work is participation in production-scale trials in collaboration with the steelmakers.

Thermomechanical area

In the thermomechanical area we work with:

  • development of thermomechanical processes;
  • development of hot-rolled products;
  • studies of the relation between finished-product characteristics and process parameters;
  • development of physical models;
  • studies of welding properties and methods for ultra-high-strength steels.

Cold rolling and annealing area

In the cold rolling and annealing area we work with:

  • process development
  • development of cold-rolled products
  • studies of the relation between finished-product characteristics and process parameters
  • development of theoretical models for annealing processes.

Rolling can give wood products a harder surface

Swerim has initiated and run a cross-disciplinary project to determine if it is possible to upgrade wood products with the help of technologies which are currently used in the steel industry. The project has demonstrated that rolling is a process that can be used to give pine a surface hardness comparable to that of oak. Read more.

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