Biomaterials for metals production

When metals are produced, fossil coal is currently used, which leads to a significant climate impact in the form of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, the industry has long been working to make processes more efficient and to reduce the amount of fossil coal.

We are researching to find sustainable solutions and replace fossil coal in the steel and metal industry with renewable biomaterials.

More about our ongoing projects

Biochar in Blast Furnaces for Reduced Climate Impact By using biochar in blast furnace-based steel production, carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by up to 30 percent in the short term. In a newly started research project led by Swerim, the methods will be further developed and tested at SSAB.

Can Black Coal Be Replaced by Green? 

In a project led by Swerim, seven partners from Norrbotten and Västerbotten will investigate whether biomass can replace fossil coal in metal production. Pulp Industry By-Products Could Be Valuable to the Metal Industry 

Can valuable contents from the pulp and paper industry's by-products become raw materials in metallurgical processes?

Swerim, in collaboration with companies from various sectors, will develop new innovative solutions to reduce the industry's environmental impact.

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