A multi-material combines the properties of different materials to optimise the end product. Swerim can help you with choice of materials, design, and manufacturing process to improve your multi-material product. 

Swerim researchers are experts on a wide range of materials such as polymers, composites, textiles, ceramics, different types of metals and cast materials. We are familiar with material properties and know which combinations of materials that will result in functional and also attainable products, in terms of manufacturing. 

Multi-material improves your product

Multi-material designs are commonly used to obtain a combination of special qualities from different types of materials in one product. The end goals can vary, from creating a cost-effective light product to achieving special functionality.

Multi-functional materials

High standards of material and product functionality are expected and there is usually more than one demand to fulfil. Multi-functional materials combine several functions into one material, for example high durability, electrical functions, heat regulation etcetera. We help you combine different demands for a well working solution.  

Multi-material designs

Multi-material designs are made of different combinations of materials to obtain specific product benefits, although not necessarily different functions. Objectives can include making a product lighter or reduce product cost by using a cheaper base material with more exclusive coating, without compromising on quality. Our experts help you find the right materials and manufacturing methods to obtain your objectives.

From concept to verification

Swerim has expertise and resources to develop your idea into a successful solution. We assist you from the early stages of concept studies and design to material and product development as well as final test verifications of your final multi-material product. 

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