Employee Benefits

We believe that the foundation for innovation and success is built on our employees maintaining a balance between work and personal life. We are committed to creating a work environment where you not only feel comfortable but also thrive professionally.

Our extensive range of benefits is designed to provide our employees with the tools and resources they need. From flexible working schedules and the opportunity for remote work to generous wellness allowances and personal development plans – we have everything to ensure that your career with us is as rewarding as it is productive.

A career at Swerim means you get to be involved in developing innovative solutions to complex problems and work across disciplines. As a researcher with us, you will have a broad network within industry, universities, and other institutes both in Sweden and internationally. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to closely participate in the industry's significant transformation.

Explore a selection of the benefits that await you at Swerim:

Balans mellan jobb och fritid

Work-Life Balance
Many of our positions enable flexible working opportunities, such as flexitime, part-time work, and the possibility for remote work.

Hälsa och välbefinnande

Health and Well-being
To facilitate good health and a healthy lifestyle, we offer a generous wellness allowance of 4,000 SEK, which you can use for gym memberships and other wellness activities. In addition, we provide occupational health services and other benefits.


A strong sense of community and shared values enhances team spirit and encourages an inclusive work climate.

Ekonomi och trygghet

Economics and Security
We offer individual salary setting based on responsibility and performance, as well as a pension plan and the possibility for salary exchange (applicable for salaries above a certain amount).

Utveckling och framtid

Development and Future
Your personal and professional development is important to us. Through regular performance reviews and continuous skill development, we ensure that you grow with us.


In short, Swerim is dedicated to creating a work environment where you enjoy and develop, with comprehensive benefits that support both your professional career and personal well-being.