National Research Programmes

Applicable industrial research is often held in the form research programmes. Swerim is active within a number of different national research programmes spanning over a broad variety of industries.

We participate in the design of the programmes, formulation of research agendas, and provide feedback on calls for proposals. As a research institute, we act as a bridge between industries in various sectors with the goal of influencing the programmes to benefit the industry.

Swerim has strong expertise regarding public financiers and can, through our network, assemble appropriate consortia based on the needs of businesses.

Each year, Swerim undertakes a hundred assignments for companies and public financiers. Here you can see a selection of the societal and industrial benefits that we have created together with our clients.

A selection of examples of research results that create industrial benefits

Public Funding

National research is primarily financed by Vinnova, but also by, for example, the Swedish Energy Agency, county administrative boards, and academic institutions, with various programmes for research activities. Examples of financiers include: