Solution Cathode Glow Discharge, SCGD

SCGD, is a simple system for analyzing metals in liquids. The technology is well adapted to be able to continuously monitor process liquids and be able to control secondary processes based on analysis results.

The industrial SCGD.

Since 2014, Swerim has developed and designed an instrument that can measure the metal content of liquids called Solution Cathode Glow Discharge (SCGD). This type of analysis is of great importance for, among other things, the metal and automotive industries as well as in other applications where the type and amount of an element a liquid contains.

The technique, which is automated and can be integrated inline, is both significantly cheaper than alternative methods on the market. Swerim has built up an automated laboratory instrument from scratch, which is adapted for Swedish industry. In addition to hardware, a complete software has also been made for both control and analysis of data. The software can provide information, both as advanced output in the form of graphs or as simple clear signals in the form of green and red light. The instrument can also be controlled remotely and send information to a cell phone with analysis results or if there is a need for service