TDS – Hydrogen and Argon

Swerim is working intensively on chemical analysis of hydrogen and argon. At our disposal we have e.g. a top modern TD-MS instrument and traditional melt extraction systems.

thermal desorption coupled to a mass spectrometer

Using thermal desorption coupled to a mass spectrometer (TD-MS) utilizes the possibilities to analyze diffusible hydrogen, argon and other gases in solid materials with a high precision.

TD-MS works by increasing the temperature in a controlled way and in an inert atmosphere. The released gases are then detected and monitored with a mass spectrometer giving the identity and concentration. Typical applications for TDS-MS at Swerim includes:

  • Determination of diffusible hydrogen
  • Argon content in additive manufacturing procedures
  • Evaluation of hydrogen traps
  • Amount of argon in HIP-materials