Geometry simulation of tolerance requirements

With geometry simulation, we can help companies to predict and visualise variations for a better end-product. Analysing variations and tolerance results through efficient geometry simulation creates the right conditions for optimising product requirements and manufacturing costs.

Method for visualising variation

The way to more robust products and production concepts is via better processes for predicting and visualising variations in product and process concepts. We can provide tolerance and robustness simulations for achieving improved verification of product and production concepts with consideration to anticipated tolerances and production variations.

Robust geometry concepts

Creating robust geometry concepts that stand up to the anticipated production variations is a central point in geometry assurance. The first step is to analyse the robustness of the concept with a stability analysis and a statistical variation analysis.

Using a statistical variation analysis, the expected variation in critical final dimensions can then be simulated and analysed. A contribution analysis can also be carried out, which produces a ranked list of the points and tolerances that contribute to variations in each critical dimension.

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