Chemical Analyses

Swerim offers a wide spectrum of independent analysis for chemical analysis in metals.

Our chemistry laboratories are used within our research studies and for various assignments relating to materials characterization and chemical analyses. For most of the elements in a material, we are able to determine trace and ultra-trace concentrations down to a few thousandths weight-percentage.

Hydrogen and argon analysis

Swerim is working intensively on chemical analysis of hydrogen and argon. At our disposal we have e.g. a top modern TDS-MS instrument and traditional melt extraction systems.


At Swerim one can analyze the chemical composition of solid materials with high precision. This can be made using Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy, GDOES. This technique can measure both the bulk content as well as the composition of thin layers.


Except the above-mentioned techniques many other types of instruments and methods are used for chemical analysis. In our test & demo for Analytical process monitoring new technology for process monitoring, material characterization and data analysis are developed, incl. for chemical analysis. For more information, read here.