Failure Analysis

Each year, Swerim carries out a number of assignments associated with various types of failure analysis. These assignments range from relatively short-term analyses or problem-solving to very extensive studies. As an impartial party, we treat all assignments with strict confidentiality.

The ability to quickly understand a customer's needs, perform necessary analyses and deliver useful results is one of our strengths. Many of our customers also place great value on the fact that we are an impartial party that treats all work with strict confidentiality.

Failure analysis in different areas of materials science

Studies are often conducted in situations that entail major problems that must be resolved quickly. A failure analysis often involves collection and evaluation of all relevant data, followed by analyses of materials, failure progression, environmental impact and more. We have extensive expertise and equipment for analysing fracture surfaces, which is an important aspect of failure analysis. To determine the cause of failure, materials testing may also be necessary. In most cases, the analysis results in a confidential report which, in addition to test results, includes proposals for corrective and preventive measures.

Flexible organisation

Our organisation enables us to complete relatively large assignments within a short period of time. At short notice, experienced inspectors can be on location to inspect damage or operations. Our resources are readily available and we can rapidly perform the analyses or tests that are necessary for drawing the correct conclusions.