GD-OES is very suitable for both bulk analysis and depth profile analysis (information depth down to 1 nm). Swerim has the ability to measure the content of hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N), oxygen (O) and all other elements in the periodic table of element with the latest technologies in GD-OES.

In Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy, GD-OES, a plasma is formed by the electric discharge in an argon atmosphere at low pressure. The sample is then sputtered by the argon ions in the plasma and the sputtered atoms diffuse out in the plasma. The optical emission of the plasma, i.e. the light from the atoms from the various elements in the sample and Argon, is detected for elemental composition by an optical spectrometer.

Each element has a characteristic “fingerprint” of light by a certain number of wavelengths - a spectrum. The amount of light for a specific wavelength for each element is measured and converted to percentage of the sample. The spectrum provides information of the coating thickness and elements in the boundaries between the layers.