Simulation reduces costs and saves time

Simulation and verification are frequently used for the effective and rational development of materials, products or processes, which provides significant cost and time savings. Swerim is an unparalleled partner when you and your company wish to take a major technological step. Fast, cost-effective and sustainable

Through advanced simulations and detailed verification in a physical laboratory environment, we are able to strengthen your company and your competitiveness.

Simulation and verification of materials and processes

We offer advanced simulation expertise in materials, process, and product development for an array of different materials and areas of industry wherein Swerim operates. This can be material and component manufacturing, joining, assembly or the functional evaluation/development of a product.

Design to manufacturing

The comprehensive procedure can be briefly summarised in the steps: design, concept, simulation, verification and manufacture. For example, we can optimise welding parameters for different materials and designs in our joining laboratory, or optimise the manufacture of composite details for vehicles.

Our work methods are rooted in research, are industry focused, and are based on a scientific ideology with experimentally substantiated simulations.

We offer services such as:

  • Analysis and calculation
  • Input development
  • Experimental verification
  • Expert consultants
  • Concept development
  • Method development​

Our Lab

Our competencies, providing independent comprehensive services of virtual materials-, products- and process development.

We were also initiators of the research- and innovation agenda, Virtual Nation, aiming to create a long-term national investment and cohesive structure within this field of simulation. 


Applied Research

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