3D scanning

From digital model to finished product, or vice versa

Optical 3D measurement is often used to analyse, inspect or measure existing products or processes, but also in the development of new products. This is an extremely accurate non-contact measurement technique.

Optical 3D measuring and 3D scanning

Optical 3D measurement is often used to capture the shape of an object in order to construct a digital model, or vice versa, to transfer data from a digital model to create a product. For example, data from the digital model can be sent to a CNC milling machine. We can compare models and check deviations, for example, between sheet and tool or between tool and CAD model.


We has optical measuring equipment that quickly provides measurement values in the analysis of complex shapes or parts. Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide advice on how 3D measurement can best be planned and used in combination with the right software.

We perform optical 3D scanning and, by changing lenses, we can achieve greater density between measurement points and increase the resolution over a smaller measurement field. This is necessary when analysing smaller objects or geometrically complex sections of a component. If the object is larger than the measurement field, it can still be measured simply by combining data from several scans.