Simulation of the manufacturing process

By simulating the manufacturing process before implementation errors and delays can be minimised. Swerim's knowledge and computation programmes spans over many types of processes. We can help you optimise your manufacturing.

Changing an existing process or implementing a new process is often expensive. To minimise costs and avoid stops in production, a change of process or method can be simulated before being implemented. That way errors or weaknesses can be discovered and adjusted early, without affecting existing production.

Simulation of different manufacturing processes

We has the knowledge and equipment to simulate many types of manufacturing processes. Whether it is manufacturing of materials or manufacturing of end consumer products. For example we can help you with:

Simulation of all or part of the manufacturing process

We offer both basic and advanced computations, for parts of the process or simulation of your entire manufacturing process.  Results are often verified in our laboratories, setting the groundwork for process adjustments in industry. 


Applied Research

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