Our agglomeration lab provides the industry with research and development facilities within agglomeration and pretreatment. This includes everything from product development of fine-grained raw materials to recycling of metal-bearing residual products such as sludges and dust. Higher material efficiency is becoming ever more important.

Our equipment is especially suitable for:

  • Pelletizing and sintering materials for the ferro-alloy industry, for example.
  • Blending, agglomeration and thermal processing of residual products from the steel industry.
  • Dewatering and drying fine-grained materials and sludges.
  • Development of measurement technology.

The services we offer include value-in-use studies, pretreatment and thermal processing, agglomeration, sintering and testing of product properties, as well as industrial process modelling. Our primary customers are the steel and metal industries, the ferro-alloy industry and the mining and mineral industries.

The lab is equipped with different types of agglomerating machines such as, piston press, disc pelletiser and granulator, vibro press, roller press and extruder, and also some other facilities for material preparation and evaluation, for instance, mixer, screens and sieves, curing and sintering furnace, compression strength, tumble index, etc.

More and more agglomeration R&D projects

Demand for pilot-scale metallurgical development of raw materials for ironmaking, ferro-alloys and use of residual products is on the rise. The need for pretreatment, which includes agglomeration, is apparent. Based on a half-century of experience and expertise in the metallurgical industry, we adapt and optimize agglomerates for the best results. Together with the metallurgical industry, we conduct innovative projects for efficient agglomeration processes for raw materials, sludges and slags.

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Our test and demonstration facilities