Analytical process monitoring

The test bed for analytical process monitoring develops and provides new technology for process monitoring, data analysis and optimization. Collaboration between Swerim and Swedish ICT has enabled unique skills and technologies to be developed, which are now being offered to both companies and academia.

Combining the varied expertise possessed by Swerim and RISE ICT has enabled new and unique technologies to be developed for process monitoring, data analysis and optimisation. These include mobile test beds and demonstrators for analytical process monitoring, which can easily be adapted to the customer’s various manufacturing processes, as well as stationary testing stations for conducting pilot studies and test runs.

We are also able to offer customized development of measurement technology and data analysis for improved process monitoring. The technology is developed in collaboration with the customer and tested in an agreed manner. We can assist with everything from concept to implementation in the manufacturing processes. We are used to working on a wide range of projects and identifying a variety of financial solutions.

Take the opportunity to work with this test bed’s researchers and technical developers – countless exciting outcomes and solutions have already resulted from this collaborative process.

Our test and demonstration facilities