Joining for lightweight technologies

The test facility for lightweight technologies enables the industry to resolve issues affecting multi-material-based lightweight and high-strength structures. The test facility is flexible and combines many different technologies and methods, making it an important national resource within the field.

Our’s joining laboratory in Kista focuses on testing, optimizing and verifying new joining technologies on a demonstrator scale. The joining laboratory collaborates with similar laboratories that assess strength and corrosion in various environments and conduct geometric measurement, microscopy and non-destructive testing. Together with other material and process laboratories.  

The main facility in Kista was built in 2012. Since then the emphasis has been on ensuring that the laboratory is flexible, enabling it to employ and continually develop new joining technologies for lightweight applications. It is also extremely important to be able to satisfy new demands for joining technologies that are both functional and safe.

The facility is now considered an important resource for development by companies in the automotive industry and by the steel and metal industries. Projects are also undertaken in collaboration with industries manufacturing new materials, as well as the engineering, power and processing industries. 

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