Pilot plant – heating and metalworking technology

Our pilot plant for heating and metalworking provides a unique testing environment where we, together with you, the customer, improve existing heating and metalworking processes or develop new ones. The facility is perfect for developing equipment and measurement methods within the steel and metal industries. It is also useful for studying reduced energy use and climate impact.

Important areas for our customers include, for example, heating furnace control, development of non-destructive measurement methods and tests to predict how materials behave during processing. Goals include improved processes, increased quality and a reduction in waste. 

We adapt the equipment to suit each individual customer’s own operating conditions and specific needs. Our developed infrastructure also means that we can bring in the customer’s own equipment, assemble it, and conduct tests and evaluations before disassembling it.

Examples of applications are

  • Development of processes designed to save energy
  • Development/testing of new materials for the steel and metal industries
  • Development of heating and metalworking processes

The facility includes a hot rolling mill, three cold rolling mills, a hydraulic press, heating furnaces, a grinding machine for steel ingots and a roller leveller. 

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