Swerim is a relatively recently formed industrial research institute (2018), but is backed by longstanding tradition and experience. 

In 2018 Swerea MEFOS and parts of Swerea KIMAB formed the metals research institute Swerim, a new research institute with focus on mining, minerals, steel and metals research, with operations in Luleå and Stockholm. Other operations within the Swerea group were incorporated at the same time with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. 

The Metallographic Institute

Owing to the demand for steel following the First World War, Sweden's first research institute, Metallografiska institutet (the Metallographic Institute), was founded in 1921. This would eventually become Institutet för Metallforskning (the Institute for Metals Research), which subsequently merged with Korrosionsinstitutet (Swedish Corrosion Institute) under the name KIMAB to become part of the Swerea group (2008) under the name Swerea KIMAB, together with three other institutes (IVF, SICOMP and SWECAST). 

The Metallurgical Research Station

In December 1960, the Swedish Steel Producers' Association submitted a referral regarding a fund to promote scientific research and development using ore profit funds. This was the first time a proposal was made to establish a Swedish iron handling with a joint metallurgical research station. Three years later, the Metallurgical Research Station was established in 1963. The name was changed to MEFOS − Foundation for Metallurgical Research in 2002 following a decision that industrial research institutes should be corporatised. In 2009, MEFOS became a subsidiary company within the Swerea Group, changing its name to Swerea MEFOS. A few years later, in 2012, Swerea MEFOS became a wholly owned subsidiary of Swerea.

Photo above: Owner representatives for Swerea AB sign the agreement.  

Carl Benedicks utanför Metallografiska institutet, 1920-tal

Photo: The Metallographic Institute's first director, Carl Benedicks, outside the institute on Drottninggatan in Stockholm (1920s). 

Invigning av Metallurgiska Forskningsstationen (MEFOS) 1963.

Photo: Inauguration of Metallurgiska Forskningsstationen (MEFOS) 1963 in Luleå.