Manufacturing Processes

Notwithstanding materials and products, the choice of manufacturing process is imperative for the company's success. Swerim can offer qualified expertise and services relating to the development, optimisation and improvement of industrial manufacturing processes.

By utilising of our extensive experience in materials technology and manufacturing processes for material groups metals, ceramics, polymers, textiles, composites and casting materials we can troubleshoot or identify and suggest improvement measures. A holistic approach forms the foundation of our work in manufacturing processes and materials.

Choosing the right manufacturing process

The evaluation, development, or optimisation of a manufacturing process can be performed on-site with our customers or in our pilot plants and manufacturing laboratories. We have a wide range of methods and equipment, both advanced analytical equipment and specific manufacturing methods. We can assist you with concept design, production concepts as well as with manufacturing process testing.

Optimise your process

We offer advanced expertise in the following manufacturing processes:

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