The demand on durable metals with consistent quality is increasing. Industry is looking for lower costs, lower energy consumption and reduced waste during production and the product life-cycle. We can help you with different types of metalworking to meet the high demands on quality, weight, energy use and sustainability. 

Using simulation of thermomechanical models, we recreate metalworking processes to identify and solve problems. This may involve different processes such as heating, rolling, forging, sheet metal forming and hardening.  

Analysis of materials

Material analyses (material testing), including Gleeble, provide data for accurate calculations. We use mathematical tools like FEM or CFD and various software, both commercial and in-house developed. Modelling is a complicated craft based on a deep knowledge of the process down to the smallest details. Our researchers have extensive experience and can choose relevant factors in the modelling process.

Process control

The challenging part of measurement techniques and process control is to accurately run and control the process in real time, preferably without physical interference. Swerim offers both analysis and evaluation of processes for metalworking. In addition, this is combined with advanced knowledge of measurements and analysis of process data.

Test facility for metalworking

Swerim pilot facilities comprise of many types of test equipment. Examples include materials manufacturing, heating, sheet metal forming, cold rolling, heat rolling, forging and grinding. Tests are characterised by confidentiality, high flexibility, knowledgeable personnel and advanced technical equipment. 

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