The right material – a complex challenge

With Swerim as your partner, your company gains access to the materials and material combinations of the future. We are a leader in applied research and development in material science and raw materials, especially when it comes to metals, ceramics, polymers, textiles, composites and cast materials.

Swerim operations embrace research and development of various materials and products, as well as their manufacture, use and recycling. We offer in-depth expertise in each material's properties and can propose and develop suitable materials for the selected production method and manufacturing process.

Materials science – raw materials to recycling

Through our work with all parts of a material's life cycle – from manufacture to recycling – we have excellent knowledge of the materials and products our customers work with. Together we can develop a new material, test combinations of materials and replace all or parts of your product assortment.

We provide advanced testing and analysis of everything from raw materials to finished products and combine simulation and process trials on pilot scales. Our wide contact network both in Sweden and abroad also provides significant advantages for our customers.

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