CAD modeling

Rapidly progressing from an idea to a prototype and finally to a finished product is becoming increasingly important in today's product development. The design and modelling of the product and testing equipment are a major part of this journey, a journey that you can undertake with Swerim.

Modelling and design involve creating a CAD model based on innovations, calculations, discussions, tests, sketches, etc. This 3D model symbolizes and provides the basis for the physical product. Through the CAD model, simulation and manufacturing of the design are enabled, and it also provides a foundation for discussion, decision-making, and marketing.

At Swerim, we have experience in designing and modelling everything from vehicle components to electronic boards and large test rigs. With a wide range of expertise in many different areas, the design can be optimized based on manufacturing, vibrations, strength, etc. We use a number of different CAD systems for geometry development.

Modellering och konstruktion innebär skapandet av en CAD-modell utifrån innovationer, beräkningar, diskussioner, tester, skisser, etc. Denna 3D-modell symboliserar och ger underlag till den fysiska produkten. Genom CAD-modellen möjliggörs simulering och tillverkning av konstruktionen, den ger också underlag för diskussion, beslut och marknadsföring.

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