For successful material development, it is essential to understand their corrosion properties and it is a primary concern for both material manufacturers and users to know this material behaviour in a given environment. Along with expertise in wet corrosion and high-temperature corrosion, Swerim also boasts well-equipped labs for electrochemical studies and for high temperature exposure in aggressive gases as well as in combination with applied loads.

Swerim has strong expertise in the interpretation of interactions between the material microstructure and corrosion mechanisms.

In addition to laboratory equipment for conventional electrochemical measurements (in accordance with test standards) as well as field exposure testing and method development, Swerim also has advanced instruments and competence for localised corrosion mechanisms and hydrogen embrittlement studies. There are also facilities available for advanced characterisation of materials and surfaces together with prediction of material behaviour with the aid of thermodynamic computations.

Swerim has competence within a broad range of materials: stainless steel, aluminium, nickel-base alloys, high-strength steel and tool steel.

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