We all want industry to be competitive. At the same time, we want sustainable development. Ecodesign is all about creating products that deliver maximal benefit with minimal environmental burden.

How does my product affect the environment?

Swerim has longstanding experience in the area of ecodesign, via both commissioned R&D work and research projects. To be able to determine and prioritize aspects of a product that must be improved with respect to environment, it is necessary to analyze the product's environmental impact from a lifecycle perspective. It may be a matter of analyzing raw material, manufacturing processes, usage and management of residues.

Combine technology and sustainability

Swerim's various networks keep you up to date on ecodesign. Our networks offer great possibilities for support in your work, for creating new contacts and exchanging experience. Swerim's strength is that we combine technology and sustainability to develop solutions that combine good performance, profitability and sustainability.

In which areas can we help companies within ecodesign?

  • Engineering and materials development with environmental awareness
  • Recycling and source separation
  • Environmentally adapted product development
  • Energy-efficient products
  • Energy efficiency

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