Virtual design saves time and costs

Virtual design is an unparalleled aid in process and product development. Our advanced knowledge of processes and materials enables us to interpret analyses regardless of software provider. We can also prepare material data.

With our simulation and modelling services you gain access to powerful tools for understanding and analysing complex processes and sequences of events. Simulation is an unmatched tool for problem-solving and in improving and optimising processes and products.

Virtual design for quick and thorough analyses

When we help companies with analyses and problem-solving, there are different alternatives depending on the need. As an example, we can conduct quick analyses using so-called one-step solvers, which are very helpful with issues involving sheet-metal shaping. For in-depth analyses of complex problems we use more advanced software that requires larger volumes of input data, but in return provides more answers.

We evaluate calculations results by following them up with experiments and feedback on how the simulated results relate to reality. In this way our methods are constantly refined.

Adapted software for virtual design

To our aid we use a broad spectrum of tools for modelling and FE simulations. When you use software in research it is important to have knowledge of the prerequisites and limitations. Sometimes certain functionality is lacking. In those cases we can develop our own software or adapt existing software to fulfil your needs. An example of this is our work in friction modelling and robust analyses.

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