Finite element simulation

Finite element simulation (FE simulation) is one of Swerim's specialities and is a field in which we have many years of experience as a comprehensive supplier of services in the virtual development of materials, products and processes.

Expert knowledge in virtual development

The word simulation is widely used in very different contexts and has different meanings for different people. It may mean the flow in a workshop for one person, for someone else the airflow around the wings of an aeroplane may come to mind, whilst a third person will think of the effects of stress on a component. What all simulations have in common however, is that we can use a computer model to recreate what happens in reality and in this way, increase understanding and optimise products and processes.

How is FE simulation used?

FE simulation is a powerful virtual tool that can be used to reduce costs and lead times when developing products and processes, improving performance through weight reduction, for example, and studying alternative material selections. Moreover, the strength, function and robustness of components and systems can also be verified. FE simulations can even be used to study a production process's sensitivity to disturbances by varying the parameters that determine the results of the process at specified intervals.

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