Design & Dimensioning

Swerim has extensive construction and structural design expertise and resources in the application areas and material groups wherein we operate. Construction and structural design work is contingent on the requirements of various materials or specifications. We have experienced designers and computational engineers to help your company find the best solution.

There are specific requirements for the design and calculation of different materials such as metals or plastics. The manufacturing aspects of materials like plastic or composites are essential as the materials are produced in conjunction with the product. We have specialists who utilise the requisite calculation and drawing programs in order to work directly with you, the customer, on your particular project.

Today, products constituting several materials are commonplace. Mobile phones, cars, lawnmowers and washing machines are some examples containing numerous components and materials. Multi-material design is an area in which we has extensive experience.

In many cases we enter the development chain of a new project at an early stage. The development of different concept solutions is a conventional strategy used to assess functionality, manufacturing costs, etc. early on, and in order to make important decisions for continuous development work. Construction and structural design work usually falls under product development which, in many cases, is an iterative process to achieve a satisfactory solution.

Skills linked to construction and structural design include:

  • Geometric assurance
  • 3D measurement
  • CAD
  • Topology optimisation
  • Mechanical systems

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