Electrical contacts

Electrical contacts are of various designs, use different contact materials and are used for various applications in different environments.

Electrical contacts include connectors (card and socket connectors, cable connectors, PCB connectors etc.), relays, switches and many others. Permanent contacts may be insulation displacement contacts (IDC), wire wrap contacts, screw connections, press fit contacts, crimps etc.

Contact failures may manifest as intermittent open circuits, noise, and signal disturbances or overheated contact points. Serious consequences may result from “just a simple contact failure”, such as fires, non-functioning life retaining equipment or extensive power failures.

Swerim has extensive experience over many years in the areas of electrical contacts, solder joints, mechanical properties of metals, tribology and corrosion, and we are equipped with advanced instruments and laboratories. This makes it possible to deal with material and design issues as well as failure analyses using a holistic approach.


  • Quality assessment and quality control
  • Sensitivity analyses for alternative designs
  • Assessment of suitability for intended use and environment
  • Selection of contact material
  • Assessment of risks for fretting corrosion
  • Elaboration of test methods and test programmes
  • Testing
  • Education

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