Product development of metals

Swerim provide the expertise and resources for advanced product development, from idea to finished product. Depending on your preferences, we can take on all or parts of the product development chain. When you want to increase your company's competitive strengths through innovative products, we can give you the support you need.

Work can begin with a blank sheet of paper or an existing product; the departure point determines the requirements for the product development phase. Regardless of departure point, new products entail choices both on the general and detailed level when it comes to design, material selection and production method.

Both new concepts and earlier products can be compared with one another in testing and evaluating various aspects. We have several tools at Swerim for facilitating the development process, comparing performance of different concepts and evaluating sustainability. Modelling and simulation tools, Lean product development and ecodesign are a few examples of what we have in our toolbox.

Product development often begins by preparing requirement specifications together with our clients – specifications that will form the basis for subsequent tasks. A standard development chain can consist of the following steps:

  • Design and calculation
  • Material selection
  • Process selection
  • Process configuration
  • Prototype production
  • Testing
  • Training and implementation

About us

Test and Demo "Product development of metals" is a platform aimed at companies and research performers who need help with product /process development, testing or analysis of metallic materials.

The arena is driven by Swerim. The aim is to increase the benefits of the testing facilities available with us.


Our partners are Innovatum, IUC, Triple SteelixMetalliska material and LIGHTer.

Our test and demonstration facilities