Applied research

Areas of expertise

Our competencies, experience in industry and networks encompass many areas of knowledge and expertise. In each area we have research specialists who are leaders in the development of new technologies, methods and products for direct application in industry – applied research. 

We pursue evidence-based research in close collaboration with industry to promote industrial renewal, improved competitiveness and sustainable growth. In other words, we assist with applied research focusing on your specific needs and problems, providing solutions that can be directly applied in industry.

Applied research for industrial renewal

We help our clients to acquire in-depth knowledge and a better understanding of materials, methods and processes. Together, we find the solutions that lead to industrial renewal, competitive advantage and greater efficiency in operations. We can also help you to improve product quality or develop alternative materials for stable and more efficient production.

Resource efficiency, reduced emissions and better work environment are other areas in which improvements can benefit companies, co-workers and society.

How can we help you?

For each area of expertise we have one or several designated specialists who would be pleased to tell you more about our expertise, services, products and equipment. For general questions, visit our page with contact information to each research institute. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.