Eco design - competitive sustainability

Creating a sustainable society is essential for all mankind. For businesses this involves contributing to sustainability while remaining profitable. Our goal is to help businesses in meeting this challenge. Swerea's strength is in bringing together technology and sustainability to develop solutions that combine good performance, profitability and sustainability.

At Swerea, ecodesign encompasses both products and operations. Many companies use environmental management systems to ensure that responsibility for the environment is taken seriously throughout their organisations. We can help companies build their systems to produce the greatest possible effect.

Life cycle analysis - from production to recycling

To find out where improvements need to be made, a life cycle analysis (LCA) is performed. This is an analysis of environmental impact from a life cycle perspective, embracing raw materials, production, usage and recycling. Once this is done, corrective measures can be taken.

We are highly skilled in performing LCAs and can also contribute in implementing corrective measures. These measures can include projects in energy efficiency, using materials more effectively, new environmentally friendly materials, reducing emissions of dangerous chemicals and optimisation of industrial recycling. We are also highly skilled in innovation, product development and manufacturing processes.

Sustainable business in a sustainable society

Energy efficiency involves getting the most out of the energy used. Swerea can perform analyses and propose corrective measures for reducing energy consumption. This normally results both in less environmental impact and major financial savings.

When new sustainable products are created, we can help with preparing various types of marketing materials, including environmental declarations that describe environmental or energy performance in a way that customers can easily understand.

Combining our technical expertise with our expertise in sustainability produces solutions that are profitable, environmentally sound as well as technically smart.