Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is of great benefit to the industry in terms of business strategy. Swerea offers support for energy efficiency in production systems, processes, properties or products.

Access to cheap energy has been the precondition for the way in which industry and society have been built up. Since the 1970s, it has been clear that energy is not going to continue being cheap. A company that reduces its reliance on energy will be able to remain stable when energy prices change and will gain a long-term cost advantage.

Practical steps to energy efficiency

Working on energy efficiency is practical, involving closeness to and knowledge of the system or product that is to be made more efficient. It implies studies, data acquisition and various types of analyses, resulting in a situation description or proposals for concrete action.

Since energy is used in different ways and for different purposes, Swerea has produced a set of tools to assist our customers in making efficiencies. We can study and propose concrete energy efficiency plans on the basis of the technical parameters of equipment and systems, or on the basis of different benefit perspectives.

Swerea is able to offer:

  • Theoretical computational models
  • Practical measurement of equipment in laboratories and in full-scale demo facilities
  • Measurement during continuous operation in industry or during product use
  • Complete life-cycle analyses of products and functions
  • Individual component stages, such as a cooling stage in a casting process
  • A complete production line, such the assembly of an engine

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