3D printing

Swerea offer services and competency within 3D-printing, also called additive manufacturing (AM). Our competency includes metals, ceramics, fibre composites, casting moulds and polymers. 3D printing has multiple benefits such as shorter lead-times, better product characteristics and reduced cost.  

3D printing is one of Swerea’s focus areas. We collaborate with both industry and academia to develop and implement additive manufacturing on an industrial scale, based on materials, product- and process development. 

State-of-the-art 3D printing research

Swerea offers competency throughout the entire chain, from ideas to verified products, which include:

  • Alloy development and powder manufacturing
  • Powder handling and characterisation
  • Simulation, design and processing
  • 3D manufacturing with different techniques
  • Processing (heat treatment, HIP etc.)
  • Metallography and chemical analysis
  • Product characterisation (mechanical, physical and corrosion)
  • Quality verification of products (OFP, XRD, 3D scanning etc.

Material and equipment for 3D printing

Swerea’s knowledge within additive manufacturing includes metals, ceramics, fibre composites, casting moulds and polymers. For each group of material there is new equipment available for the development of products and processes. 

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Annika Strondl

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