Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a critical process that gives metals their desired physical properties. Swerea conducts applied research, development and training, and provides consultancy services, with specialist knowledge in hardening, quenching and pre- and post-treatment.

We provide research and development, advice, training and consultancy services in heat treatment. The principle processes are case hardening, deep hardening, induction hardening and nitriding/nitrocarburizing, as well as related pre and post-treatments.

Heat treatment – process and product development

Below are several of the services we provide in this area:

  • process development and prediction of product properties after heat treatment
  • the impact of production processes on mechanical properties
  • simulation of heat treatment and fatigue properties
  • fractographic studies, analysis of fracture surfaces
  • fatigue testing, such as rotating bending or contact fatigue testing
  • advanced microscopy
  • assessment and testing of quenching media
  • post-treatment of forged products
  • quality, environment and energy issues

ivf SmartQuench – portable analysis equipment

Swerea conducts R&D with emphasis on the impact of design, materials and processes on heat-treated products. We have equipment and facilities for experimentation, simulation and testing. Via resellers throughout the world we market the proprietary system Ivf SmartQuench. The system is portable and measures and analyzes the quenching progression for fluids such as quenching oils and water-based polymer quenchants.

Network for heat treatment

Swerea IVF and Swerea KIMAB run the Heat-treatment Centre (VBCentrum), which is a network for heat-treatment research and development.

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