Materials production – the basis of successful industrial production

Being able to produce materials with customised properties is the foundation of a successful industrial production process. Swerea leads the way in applied research and development for the production of metallic materials, ceramics, polymers and textiles.

Swerea specialises in metallurgical processes, alloy development, casting, curing and the production of blanks for manufacturing processes such as sheet-metal working, rolling, forging and heat treating in addition to powder technology.

We also have expertise in ceramic production processes. We have many years of experience in handling fine-particle powders, particularly in liquids, and subsequent forming processes for ceramic components. We also have the skills and equipment for injection moulding polymers, compounding and extruding films.

One of the fields in which we have leading-edge expertise is functional fibres and their production. The fibres act as building blocks in refined textile materials, such as in clothing, technical textiles and medical technology. Another area that we focus on is the wet spinning of fibres from bio-based raw materials such as cellulose.

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Lena Ryde

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