powder material

Powder materials and powder technology

We can help you find the right powder and process for your products. If you need a specific powder material we can also tailor new powders to fulfil your requirements.

By choosing powder materials you can attain several advantages, for example:

  • less material required (near net shape)
  • lower manufacturing cost
  • unique material characteristics
  • complex geometries without joints
  • use of materials which are difficult to cast

Manufacturing of powders and components

We can help you identify, tailor, manufacture and/or analyse metal powders and ceramic powders to suit your products. This may involve optimising the composition, particle size and shape, flow properties and purity.

For the manufacture of components, we can help you choose and optimise powder and manufacturing method. We have a broad knowledge of many techniques and can manufacture prototypes of both metal and ceramic powders. With tests and analyses we make sure that the end product obtains the desired characteristics to suit the application. Our fluidized bed equipment can also evaluate characteristics of fine-grained powders and carry out modification of powder surfaces, for example by reduction of surface oxides.

3D printing with powders

Should you wish to use powders for 3D-printing, we can help you throughout the entire production process, from idea to finished product. For example, how powder characteristics affect quality on the 3D printed product or how many times a powder can be reused without affecting product performance.

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