Surface cleanliness

Surface cleanliness is often about grease or oil, particles or other contaminants that can occur on a surface or detail. It can also be about prevention work to reduce soiling during manufacture or storage.

Some important issues concerning cleanliness can be to identify the economic impact that unclean parts can result in due to failure, reduced performance, corrosion, loss of coating and other factors that reduces quality. By actively and continuously working with keeping parts as well as the production environment as clean as possible through the whole process, costs can be reduced in the long run.

How can we help you?

Swerim has great possibilities to help you carry out analyses to determine how clean your product or process is. We analyse surfaces regarding chemical contaminations, particles or properties that are affected by impurity, e.g. the adhesion between substrate and coating. To our help we have several different analysis equipment for chemical analysis of organic and inorganic contaminations on the surface, particle cleanliness, adhesion and surface energy measurements.

Analyzing and evaluating the surface

Other evaluations can concern the wash process, the efficiency of washing fluids or how well particular oil can be washed away. We can carry out evaluations like these in our pilot plants. Furthermore, we can help out with environmental assessments and advice when choosing washing fluids, especially on their contents. We also have knowledge and equipment for evaluating and executing alternative washing processes such as dry pretreatments (plasma and laser treatment).

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