Electronic production, electronics

Electronic production

Use of advanced new materials and more rapid implementation of new technology place greater requirements on the sustainability and service life of electronics hardware. Within the field of electronics we have longstanding experience of issues concerning reliability, manufacturing and electronics packaging, and we are at the forefront of when it comes to solar cell development.

Swerea works with electronics-related issues in areas including computing, telecommunications and vehicles. Short lead times and high product reliability are increasingly important for competitiveness. When introducing new products a decisive factor for success is the ability to identify, analyze and remedy possible weaknesses in products and manufacturing.

Testing and failure analysis

Our areas of expertise include material and failure analysis, reliability testing, selection of electronics packaging and process validation. These competencies, together with advanced laboratories, are at your disposal. We have well-equipped laboratories and solid experience of testing and failure analysis of electronic components. Among other services, we provide:

  • HALT/ HASS and vibration testing
  • Lifecycle and environmental testing of electronics hardware
  • Climate chambers for temperature cycling and environmental testing
  • Mechanical shock testing of electrical solder joints
  • Quality assurance and testing of electronic contacts
  • Tribology

Electromagnetic Compatibility

The purpose of the EU's Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive is to ensure that the electromagnetic interference generated by electronic devices does not exceed a certain level. At our EMC laboratories in Mölndal, Stockholm and Malmö, companies can test products under development to ensure compliance with the EMC directive.