Electronics packaging

With our main focus on electronics hardware reliability we work in several areas that support product development of electronics, from development of new packaging concepts to failure analysis.

Microsystem development

Our activities within microsystem development include fundamental studies of production and design technology for microsystems.

The group's research is interdisciplinary and applies theories from physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics and materials sciences. Research focus is directed towards fundamental analysis of processes and methods needed for the manufacture and integration of electronic, optoelectronic and micro-system components. The aim is to increase knowledge about interconnection encapsulation and packaging for micro electronics and micro system components through theoretical simulation and modelling as well as through experimental research.


Legislation in regard to the environment often includes forced process changes for manufacturing companies. By monitoring the EU directives which affect the electronics industry and proactively pursuing research to find the best technical solutions, we give our customers an advantage over the competition.

Technical dissemination

Research projects are converted into technical dissemination early on to create a maximum industrial benefit. One good example is the area of lead free soldering, where we have built up a comprehensive knowledge over the last ten years, which has been disseminated to the electronics industry through courses and seminars.

Our activities:

  • Electronics packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Process validation
  • Reliability testing
  • Materials and failure analysis
  • EU directives

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Tag Hammam

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