Reliable electronics

Swerim is working with assessing reliability of new packaging in research projects and for specific products commissioned by different companies.

Ensure reliability in new electronics

The ever faster implementation of new material and packaging means that this method of working entails high risks of reliability problems and subsequent re-designs. A new strategy (methodology) and new processes to ensure reliability are therefore required as early as possible during the design phase.

Swerim is working with development of both a new methodology and new processes to ensure reliability when using new techniques. The new methodology covers which activities are required, when they should be carried out and by whom as well as clarification of responsibility issues. Which responsibilities the buyer and manufacturer have respectively, or the design and production, to ensure reliability.

Testing and analysis of defects and early failures

The new technique also entails an increased risk for both early failures (infant mortality) and reduced lifetime due to faster wearout. Different strategies for ensuring that these two different types of errors do not cause unacceptable field failures are also required. Early failures, due to design weakness and material/process related defects can be analysed using HALT/HASS testing which stimulates defects to fail. Aging and wear related failures require accelerating tests designed to simulate the actual failure mode to allow estimation of the expected lifetime. Swerea can carry out both types of testing.