Optimised product - in several ways

At Swerea, we work on optimisation linked to products within several different fields. A product can be optimised to enhance its function but also to make its manufacture simple and profitable. Our broad-based expertise in product and production development and our knowledge of manufacturing are assets for you.

Swerea has broad expertise in manufacturing processes and their effects on the product. We are able to help out in various ways as regards product development. For example, we can optimise geometry based on function or selected manufacturing process. We use virtual methods and our expertise in order to do so. The simulations are carried out using market-leading software applications that are in use in the industry.  

We carry out research and undertake commissions within this field. A total undertaking often means that we are able to be involved in developing the product's geometry based on function and then submitting proposals that are appropriate on the basis of various manufacturing methods such as casting, extrusion or components that are welded together. We are able to provide timely proposals on changes in geometry that will make manufacturing easier and enhance final quality. For a cast component, we can also optimise injection systems to ensure simpler production of the product with a reduced consumption of resources.

Involving Swerea in optimising your product provides you with a partner that is knowledgeable about several manufacturing processes and about where the future is taking us. We are also able to offer prototype development and testing.

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Pontus Rydgren

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