Rigid body simulation

Rigid body simulation – testing product concepts

During the product development phase, there are always changes, and the later they come the more expensive the are. By establishing an understanding of the product and its challenges early in the process, expensive changes can be avoided. We at Swerea can help you with this through rigid body simulation.

Application areas

Rigid body simulation is a good tool for creating understanding, engineering the basic construction and quickly evaluating various solution proposals at an early stage.

Before CAD model

Most simulation programmes can only be used after reaching the intermediate stages of the development process. Rigid body simulation can be used before there is even a CAD model.

How we can help

Mechanical systems are built in the simulation environment by creating bodies that are assigned various physical quantities. Connections are then created between the bodies, such as for friction, for example. By initiating movement or force in the system, the system can be evaluated based on vibrations, basic strength and weight.