Swerea has broad expertise and practical experience of prototyping. By producing prototypes and testing them under realistic conditions we are able to identify areas of improvement and refine the concept prior to mass production.

Developing new products entails many choices, both in terms of minor details and decisive factors with respect to design, materials and manufacturing processes. These choices can be used to develop alternative concepts that can be compared with each other or with an earlier version of the product

Simulation and verification are frequently applied during the prototyping process. Our modelling and simulation tools are used to provide a basis for comparison of alternative concepts with respect to the desired level of performance.

Need help with prototyping?

With our knowledge of materials and processes we can help you to make the right choices in terms of materials and manufacturing processes. Our workshops and laboratories are equipped for pilot-scale and semi-industrial-scale testing, during prototyping, to find the optimal solutions for full-scale manufacturing.

When your product is ready for mass production, our broad network of contacts in industry is a great asset when it comes to finding appropriate partners, suppliers and producers.