Analyse and improve production flows

An efficient production flow and associated logistics processes are a prerequisite for cost-effective manufacturing and are thereby decisive for a manufacturing company's profitability.

Efficient production flow

Swerea has longstanding experience in analyzing and improving productivity in production flows. A long-term determined effort, focused on eliminating factors that cause disruptions and shortening lead times, can dramatically reduce costs and strengthen competitiveness. Via value stream mapping and production simulation we can identify deficiencies in the product flow, logistics and quality.

Take a closer look at your production flow

For many companies, costs associated with quality deficiencies amount to between 10 to 40% of total sales. Many companies are not aware of where costs associated with quality deficiencies arise or how they can be identified. By systematically focusing on identifying and eliminating both visible and hidden quality-deficiency costs, relatively small efforts can yield significant gains.

How can we help you?

Based on objectives that we set in consultation with you, we can review your production flow and work out a new or modified layout. We can provide examples of how changes in the production flow have helped customers to realize dramatic improvements in throughput times and reductions in the amount of inventory in the system.

With well-developed tools and methods we help you to visualize the production flow, thereby facilitating communication between production managers, planners and operators. We can also assist with the transition from short-series manufacturing to production of larger volumes, as well as providing support when a new product is to be produced. Below are several areas in which we can provide support.

  • Supplier chains
  • Quality-deficiency costs
  • Production simulation
  • Visualize production flows
  • Value stream mapping of mixed production
  • Value stream mapping of supply chains